Amazon Mechanical Turk


Wow, this is deep. And it's really not a joke at all. To me this new program has a very special meaning:

It fits very well with an idea for a storyline/novel/whatever I've been working on. It's kind of like a "this stuff is really already happening" feeling reading through the "whatis" page:

"The idea of the Amazon Mechanical Turk web service is to give developers a programmable interface to a network of humans to solve these kinds of problems and incorporate this human intelligence into their applications."

Now of course my plot-idea goes down some very different paths. Still the Amazon webservice could very well be one building block to what's to happen in my plot.

Ok I'm being mysertious here. Deal with it.

But I guess this experience I'm having here is shared with many SciFi writers. Once you plot/predict a certain development, you start seeing/noticing real-world developments that perfectly fit into that fictional one. And I'm almost sure no one else would see the connection as much as I do...


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