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MACHINA LVDI 2008-12-11 (520 words)

So there. This is a bojt as mobile as I may get. I now own my very own iPod touch 2G, This is the iPhone that is NOT a phone. What ise would I have of a mobile phone, when it's very rare that I actually move, like in being mobile. And if I I ever do, it's usally far away from any net connectivity, and that would be intentionally so....


restoring older versions of iPhone apps 2011-12-4 (575 words)

Sometimes, updated go bad. It's a fact of software life that newer is not *always* better... at least not for everyone. What do you do though, if the iPhone App Store offered you a shining update for one of your day-to-day essential apps, you upgraded, and not it will no longer run on your device?

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enjoying Stanza 2008-12-12 (616 words)

One of the things I hoped to be able to do with my iPod touch was to read eBooks - like while lying snuggled up in bed. There are several (free) choices for reader apps available, and following the recommendations I downloaded and tried Stanza which seemed like the most flexible if options. ...


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