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Collaborative Filtering - (almost) for free 2005-7-5 (979 words)

One of the bigger projects I have been working on in the recent pat that came trough my beloved RentACoder (more on why I love it so later) - was a request to build a 'Collaborative Filtering' functionality for a series of news-oriented weblogs. I'm calling it 'almost for free' because the system needed very minimal changes to the weblogs per se to function. I will try to outline and describe the system and the concepts behind in brief here. My agreement with the buyer pervents me from posting actual code, but maybe that's better anyway (it's not much code after all). Please feel free to ask any questions you might have directly.

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a tool for divergent thinking 2005-7-24 (204 words)

I was reading this post about "convergent and diverget thinking" on TarotTools.com, and it got me thinking about what I am aiming at with my own work on "assosiative text".

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IdeaCenter / IdeaFisher / IdeaBank 2006-2-4 (287 words)

Here's a software package that sounds very fascinating: IdeaFisher (or is it IdeaBank?). I find this very fascinating, as my own idea of "associative text" follows very similar basic assumptions. But IdeaFisher uses a very pre-structured approach to associations:

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Assosiative Text... the Bernstein way 2006-5-27 (489 words)

Is this the lazy web at work? Hardly. But when I was reading Dr. Bernstein's (Eastgate/Tinderbox) blog lately, I felt a strong sense of "way cool, my wish is coming true!"

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Tools for Inspiration 2005-10-20 (247 words)

I was musing about what kind of tech I actually am passionate enough about. My one constantly re-occuring tech topic is what started as "similar entries" and which I now prefer to call "associative text".

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Tools for Thought 2005-2-9 (648 words)

I have some comments and thoughts about Steven Johnson's Tool for Thought post (which further explains what he wrote in an NYT essay)

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