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After a long pause, I will finally be re-editing my article "Designing a Tarot Deck in Tinderbox". It was and is meant to be published on TEKKA.net, but somehow the process stalled. I took it as a sign that there might be a time dor everything, and that this was not it. I haven't really looked at it for a few months now. So now this post on Wrestling the Angel seems to come in like synchronicity. Base message: "You need distance from your own words to edit. Take a break, let it lie in a cupboard for a few weeks. Then edit." Well, I guess I now have sufficient distance for that :)

[update 2006-06-02] Yesterday I finally found enough spare time to do those edits. Wow. Am I happy I had this big distance to the text. I actually cringed at some points of the old version. I re-wrote much of the intro and streamlined the flow of argument somewhat. It's weird. Sometimes things just flow, and stay the way they were written originally. But sometimes, esp if there are any parts with which you had some struggles, having this kind of temporal distance is valuable. You still very well know what you were saying, and intended to say. That's what stick in your mind. But the actual words don't. So when you go back, you can see where you were unclear, didn't really express your thoughts etc.


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