dreaming plots


I've had one of those rare occasions where you dream something that could easily be a major blockbuster movie.

Well, at least while I was dreaming I've had that feeling of viewing it on a big screen. The dream did have a lot of elements that make a good film plot. But now that I am awake most of the very impressive elements of that movie don't really make that much sense anymore. Not enough for the overall tone of the plot anyway. It leaves me with a very strong story I don't know how to tell or put into pictures. Told as a storyline, little of it makes sense. Although is absolutly was a clear and linear storyline while I was dreaming. Not the usual dreamy assosciative blur of pictures and impressions at all. But the storytelling tools I have at my disposal simply don't feel adequate to transport the real power of those scenes. And the 'plot' doesn't make sense without that underlying power....

Blast, I need a dreamrecorder.


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