writing flash fiction - like a joke


Michael Mallory 's essay Writing Hot Flashes explains how he writes one of these flash-mysteries each day. The trick seems easy.

Use the basic structure of a joke. Now go out and try it :)

Actually, looking back most of the short stories I wrote - or started to write - have exactly this structure. "Der Fang" and also "Prinz Gregor" do. "Der Fang" is certainly not flash-fiction at 3500+ words, but "Prinz Gregor" at 533 words applies. After all, it was originally an oral story, told "on-the-fly" at a convention.

But I also really likes Bruce Holland Roger's intro into Reading, Writing, Inventing, Performing Short Fairy Tales. The "super vague summary of a story" approach sounds like a good recepie too.

Here's a very good one by Bruce Holland Rogers.


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