I finaly broke down and left my preposition for mobile computing.... and got me an iMac 24"... and I tel ya, this thing is wow. Big bright screen, clear and powerful sound, awesome grafucs card and still basically silent! Consider me imoressed. Not so impressice is the standard keybiard that cones with the iMac. It's basuically the same one as is in my MacBook white, just external. I'd call it CUTE... but it works well anyway and will be very space effective if and when this iNac obce beconmes a media center. It's the bestest TV set I've ever had already, and I haven't even bothered with a reciever. Oh, and I've stuck with the naming sheme for my Macs: Tranquility (TiBook), Serenity (MacBook white) and now Infinity (iMac 24").


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