Tinderbox, a bunch of postIts?


Mark Bernstein mentioned "a clever little book about using 3M Post-It Notes for information triage, planning, and decision-making in small groups. The core idea is to use wall space as a sort of ad hoc spatial hypertext".

He also points to Johndan Johnson-Eilola who states he uses Tinderbox very much like a pile of postIts...

Well... need I mention the similarity to my "visual outlining" and "cloud of ideas" posts? The parallels are not without reason. My use of Tinderbox was very much inspired by BlogWalk 2.0 and Ton Zijlstra's intro of the "Window WiKi". I ran a very successfull workshop at a roleplaying convention named "massice collaborative plotting" about which I might write some more soon. The basic idea is to enable a group of more than 20 participants to generate a complete plotline for a large scale LARP event in a very short time (3h), while still catering to the wishes and ideas of ALL participants. No central moderator or "benevolent dictotor" was required...

Powefull stuff. I whish I could find a way to preserve this "spatial hypertext" in data somehow, but it will always be a process of transcribing involved...


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