What's up with me and this blog? (Not sure if anyone is actually asking that, it's been so quiet here for so long, I doubt there is anyone left reading)

Well for one, I'm rather busy, and usually away from my main Mac. Currently I'm attending a one year training for bling (non-visual) use of PCs. This is intended as a basis to a two year job training as certified software developer. Not the I'd need the developmet skills or that they will be teaxhing me anything 'new'... this is all about doing it non-visually. Why? As you may or may not know, I count as legally bling, meaning my vision is - and has been - getting worse. So what I am learning now is how to do computer work completely without vison. The goal is to continue in my career (or rather restart) as software developer.

Needless to say that all this brings several big shifts in my outlook, approach and general way of life. Never has my handicap been so present in my conscious thoughts... now is a big time of working through all the fears and ending all the denials that accompany dealing with a disability.

I'm doing very well as far as school is concerned, also in terms of non-visual computing (reading Braille, using text-to-speech etc)...

It still takes a lot of energy, and leaves little spare cycles for the things I used to do so much.

It's a transitional phase of my life, so much is for sure.


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