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almost back online 2005-11-3 (153 words)

Oh-Kay. That move is almost done. I actually had telephone and net one day after it was promised. (Ok, the first of Nov. was a holiday...)

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a time of utter chaos 2005-10-27 (58 words)

The upcoming days and nights will be almost utter chaos. We're moving ASAP, and that means I'm typing on the top of a pile of boxes. I need to hope the boxes won't be moved while I'm on them :) See you in a few days time once the dust settles down and I have net access again.


because you deserve to know 2005-10-26 (124 words)

All that content output recently and then I go quiet again. What's up?

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more packing thougths 2005-10-21 (223 words)

I've been packaging old memories again. A lot of "valuable" stuff.

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packing and sorting 2005-10-20 (319 words)

We're getting ready to move home again. After less than one year. We came here with the intention to stay.

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another spread 2005-10-18 (171 words)

You might have read that between the lines: I'm in a state of flux, of uncertainty. New things coming - ready or not.

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what have I left - and what am I returning to? 2005-10-18 (378 words)

It all seems to have started somewhere around the time Dave Winer released Frontier 5 for Windows.

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my return to coding 2005-10-18 (250 words)

It seems I am on the verge of seriously returning to coding. After a break of almost one year.

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re-aligning plans 2005-9-30 (183 words)

Things change. Plans - even life plans - turn out to be no onger sensible. I'm in one of those situations now.

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knowing when - and how - to split 2005-9-28 (123 words)

All my thoughts and energies these last months and week have been focused on ways to get and keep things going. Overcoming reluctancy and all. But what if going on no longer is the right choice?

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on the stay 2005-8-24 (129 words)

One funny thing about blogging that sometimes one communicates hardship but forgets to also write about how and whhen it's resolved.

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