The Boy and the Black Unicorn


Coyote's Tall Tails

The Boy and the Black Unicorn

A long time ago on a peaveful island in the void lived a community much like the one on Perfect Paradise. It was commited to self discovery, spiritual awareness and peace.

One this island lived many idividuals of the most diverse description, and amog them was a Black Unicorn. A Black Unicorn, much like the White cousin is a creature of Peace. But unlike the White cousin, who is a warrior and stalwart protector, the Black Univorn is patient, tolerant and unjudging.

No big wonder then that the local prat, a n imoush Boy who just plain loved to be a pest, loved the Black Unicorn's company. While it's unlikey that the two ever had a very meaningful conversation, they did spend a lot of time together.

One day, while they were walking on the beach, the Boy found a stick and out of one of his whims started beating the Black Unicorn and yelling "Move Donkey, MOVE you fat ass!" In it's endless patienece, the Black Unicorn simply ignored the game and kept on walking in peace as if nothing unusual was happening. The Boy, not geting the reaction he craved, went on yelling and beating, becoming ever more abusive towards his friend.

The Black Unicorn simply ignored him and walked on.

At some point the Boy lost interest, seeing that his game was not having the desired effect, and went back to normal conversation.

The Black Unicorn ignored him, and went on.

The Boy was suprised at this, not being used to being ignored by his friend the Balck Unicorn, He started asking, the pleading for attention.

The Black Unicorn just ignired him and went on in it's path as if the Boy wasn't there.

Later that evening, when the community gathered around the communal fire, the Balck Unicorn among them, the boy sheepishly joined the group.

At that moment the Black Unicorn spke to it's friend the Boy again:

"Boy, do you know what the difference between a dog and an uicorn is?"

Many of the group laughed, expecting a trick question.

The Boy said: "The size of their arse?" in his typical prattish ways.

The Black Unicorn answered after a qhile:

"You beat a dog, he bites you. You beat a Black Unicorn, it will simply ignore you. So, if you want to be friends with the Black Unicorn..." A pause for emphasis "YOU CUT THE CRAP!"

Yes, my friends, this is all true and has all taken place. The lesson? Living patience and tolerance by no means mean you should take crap, not even from friends and loved ones.


taken from Coyote's Tall Tails


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