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Yes, Annalee, we makes Mono code now. Yes.that's the non-windows version of the .NET environment. Yes, C# is a lot like Java, yes we said we'd never do that.

Anyways: there are some very interesting and also useful Virtual World related aoftware projects out there, and all of them tend to be based on Mono... so naturally I had to get Mono for Mac, and also try and compile and run these apps on me Mac, yeah? (Mono actualy promises cross platform compile once, run anywhere even fpr GUI stuff)

Running Mono apps on Mac OS X is simple enought these days, although often you wil need to start them via the Terminal ($ mono ThisApp.exe)

What you need is simply the Mono Framework installed:

+ dowbload and install Mono on Mac

This already gives you almost all you would need to even compile apps from source, but some projects use extra stuff that isn't included in the above Framework anymore (it used to be up to version 1.9 or so, which is why a lot of setup instructions still recommend getting that older version of Mono)

While I was trying to get OpenSim and libOpenMetaverse cmpiled natively on my Mac, I ran into that issue and it almost stopped me short. It seemed like I had everything O needed, but 'pkg-config' was throwing weird errors and not being verx helpful at all...

Googling around and reading a ton of Foum posts didn't really help much, but tere always seemed mention of the 'mono developer package' but never was there any link as to where and what this was. And remember, I am not into Fink or darwonprots here, I am taking straight Mac OS X Framework installs.

To cut a long chase short: turns out makes the Mono Framework available as two parts: Mone itself and also the so called CSDK part. Once I got the latter and installed it additionally all went very smoothly indeed.

So with all this said, happy compiling of OpenSim and libOpenMetaverse or any other thing you always had to switch on your noisy PC and deal with Windows for ^


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