The Random University (Scene I)


Here's a quick intro scene to illustrate some further thoughts I've had about this "Random University" idea. You might want to read that post after you read this, or the other way around.

Malcom was nervous, as allways on this day of the month. The new batch of winners had gathered in the screening room and were babbling amongst each other. Malcom had glanced at the data other professors had passed along with some of the candidates. Malcom valued the observations of some of his collegues, but jn the end that was just so much paper. His job today was to decide which of these youngsters to keep for further evaluation, and which to pass along. Some would be only too happy to re-enter the lottery right away. His profession and the public image it's masters enjoyed was not the very best these days. Who would want to be a master of a trade that had far outlived it's usefulness? But Malcom knew from experience that right with these resentfull winners lay the greatest potential. Nobody knew from the start what profession would be his or her true calling. That's what the whole idea of the random university was about. It was Malcom's big respnsibility to evaluate each of today's winners. He was to establish their unique gifts and to see if those could be well aligned with the profession his department taught. And, so Malcom liked to think, it was his special calling to be totally impartial about it. Taking a last look at the stack of recommodations and previous evaluations of his collegues in other departments Malcom walked towards the door that would bring him to todays lottery winners. He knew, when this day was done, he would have broken a few high spirits. Some because he had rejected them, and others because he had choosen them. It was the latter group he knew would be the biggest challenge and also the biggest chance.

(This is part of "The Random University", an idea I outlined earlier)


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