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Inspired by that Paul Graham quote I went off on a tangent. This is maybe a story idea or an utopian view of a possible future. Imagine our way of "finding a job" worked differently...
[update: I have started to write some scenes for a story to illustrate this idea. Scrolldown in the post to see links]

Here's how it might work:

My idea is based on the following asumptions:

One obvious consequence of such a system would that much of the "success" of a profession relies on the passion of the teachers/masters. Initial introduction decides much of the passion a apperentice might find for a given field.

Also this "lottery" will be "weighted". Professions with a higher number of "free slots" are more likely to come up in the drawing.

I'd love to hear others thoughts about this!

Here are some short fiction scenes I'm writing to illustrate this idea:

More thoughts on the idea in revisiting the Random University.


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