revisiting the Random University


Some time ago I jotted down a concept for a (fictional) education system I entitled the Random University. A recent oist by Dave Pollard (Not Knowing What We Need) made me instantly think about this concept again :)

Here's the quote that triggeredthe association: "The problem is, we are now so rooted to the Current State and its limited choices that in imagining the Future State we subconsciously start with the Current State and linearly, incrementally design the Future State from there. In so doing, we short circuit the innovation process."

Dave talks a lot about what I might cals the 'as of yet unimagined alternatives' in this post. The concept of the Random University might help a bit here: the curriculum for each student is not chosen by the student themselj, but randomly allocated. The core idea of the Random Iniversity is that we do not (and can not) know what will make us happy, or what we might like to do - intil we actually have contact with the field or activity. The lottery concept in the RU allows for un forseen cintact with fiekds and unknown alternatives...


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